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Custom Pick Guard Ideas for my Geddy


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I bought a black Geddy Lee jazz. I have a friend who does fantastic painting (airbrush stuff) on welding helmets, Xbox controllers, etc. etc. Looks amazing - like a movie poster or pro artwork.


Anyway, I'm thinking I'd like to have him do a pick guard for my bass. Having trouble coming up with an idea. So far we have Pigpen from Peanuts fame. Ideas?

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How about a tribute to bass in the classical music realm? A pickguard is fairly sizable palette, so how about the sheet music for Serge Koussevitsky's Concerto for Double Bass in F# minor, Op. 3 (1902)?



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"My concern is, and I have to, uh, check with my accountant, that this might bump me into a higher, uh, tax..."

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Air brush an image of your Geddy with and airbrushed image of a Geddy on the pick guard.


Cool. Let's take it farther. How about a picture of Geddy playing a Geddy with a picture of you playing a Geddy on it.

Lydian mode? The only mode I know has the words "pie ala" in front of it.


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As endearing as Ken's PS skills are...


Just try it with no pickguard.


Trust me on this.






It's "naked" as we speak. I do like the look. I need to get some of my daughters black paint and just touch up the screw holes so you can't see them as much.

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