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I customized my roland jx-305 (first attempt) good? bad?


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The panel is not labeled at the moment. I went back and forth on whether to do that, but I've had that board for a pretty long time and I've memorized it over the years - so I figured I'd save the work and not do it for now. I took a lot of "before" pics though on my phone in the event I forget a button label
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Hey, so this is my first customization of a keyboard. I'll be using it on stage as a controller for VB3
That's a heckuva lot of presets.

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Wow! I think that's really cool! I'm a sucker for reverse keys...I have both a Vox Super Continental and a Nord Anniversary.


My only suggestion would be to continue the white down to the edges of the high and low parts of the keybed, to provide contrast; even if it was just a stripe or something. Also a pinstripe or two along the very tippy top would set off the buttons nicely.


That's my two cents, but even if you keep it as is, I still think its awesome. Way to go!

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