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3 of my guitars had great nights out this past weekend...


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The waterfall bubinga cicada got some play by the guitarist/keyboardist from HouseHold Pest which is an excellent classic rock band on the big stage at NOLA's on Friday night. The player loved it but is used to 9s and it was hard for him to get used to 10s I had on it. Folks in the club commented on how good it sounded. What I liked was that while he was playing mostly rhythm, it was full and very present making a much larger sound field so to speak than his Les Paul and did not step on the vocals or the lead player. His tone was a very nice contrast to the lead player's Epi Les Paul...


On Saturday, my good buddy Tommy Bianchi from the Coupe De Villes played the cocobolo CB-II he loves so much for all but 3 songs of the first set where he used his Gibby semi-hollow archtop for some funk-esque stuff. The sustain he gets off of the CB-II for Stevie Ray Vaughn and Clapton and the classic stuff continues to blow him away. For the second set, I got him to try RobQ's favorite bloodwood and Cuban mahogany CB-I with its revised electronics and he never put it down or picked up any other guitar the rest of the night. At the end of the gig, he called me over and told me how there are absolutely no dead spots in that guitar at all. Every note in a chord just rings out... it does what his semi-hollow does and also does what any PRS he has ever played will do. He noted that you can just glide the pick to pull jazz tones out of it and when I suggested to him that it is not really set up to dig in, he corrected me on that by showing me exactly how he CAN dig in for Clapton or those players. His final assessment was that this guitar "...woke up (his)amp!" He is still wanting me to build him some form of Tele with a 1.75" nut width and my "magic..."!! A really nice end to an otherwise really bad week...

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