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R.I.P. Whitney. Prayers to her family as well. I am not trying to sound like a cynic but is anyone really shocked or surprised by this? So many people are speculating that it was drug related- I hope it wasn't but.......... it seems that so many creative and talented people meet their end at the hand of substance abuse. I simply pray that the foolishness (and it is asinine and totally foolish) to be destroyed by chemicals. Less I rant before angry tears begin :mad:

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Very sad news. I always liked her voice quite a bit, even though I never had any of her albums or anything; I wasn't a fan per se, but I loved her voice- I thought she should have gone more into jazz...


I really liked how she sang here, in a film that I wouldn't typically have seen:



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A candle in the wind....


I think Whitney left us a while back... she was amazing and personally I don't think there is anyone that compares to her vocal abilities when she was at the top of her game. So sad.

Rest In Peace Whitney...



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Great voice, beautiful and alluring, and there was just something about her people loved and couldn't get enough of... by the early 90s she was a superstar and just a huge deal. A bandmate showed me this... an early track by Bill Laswell's art funk band Material, with a young unknown Whitney doing vocals on a cover of a Soft Machine song (!!!):




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