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Hohner Pianet T


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I've recently installed a set of the new sticky pads from clavinet.com on my Pianet T. I was quite happy with the results but I still wasn't convinced I had a gigable instrument. Following a suggestion on that site's forum I used a preamp (Studio Projects VTB1).


The pre made a huge difference. Sure it still has the inherent fuzziness but there's enough clarity to make it usable. There's even a couple of low mid notes that sound like a Wurlitzer EP, although I'm at a loss as to how to get the rest to sound that way.


Here's a recording I made with T > VTB1 > Dunlop TS-1 > WEM Copicat IC > homemade 5W valve/tube amp:





I'm just noodling away but I think the T sounds pretty good.

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Ah, sadness. Just had to sell mine, which also had the sticky pad upgrades.


Always liked this keyboard best through a Fender amp with reverb off or very low but a healthy dose of tremolo on--of course I am mainly a guitarist so I have a bunch of those around, but definitely try this with a guitar amp when you get the chance--preferably a blackface Fender with trem.

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I do have an old Aussie amp head which is similar to a Fender black face. It's 40W and has trem and reverb. I run it through a cab with a single Celestion Gold and it should suit the Pianet perfectly.


The other amp I'm keen to try it with is a 100W Lab Series K5, which is similar to the L series popular with guitarists in the 70s. While it's solid state it does have a Twin-style voicing. Someone described these as being the only solid state amps that match an equivalently rated tube amp for volume.

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