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At Last! A wireless MIDI guitar pickup that outdoes the axon


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Well Fishman FINALLY has come out with the Fishman triple play...it is a wireless MIDI guitar controller that was made by the same guy that invented the axon.....Andreas Seleazy! And...it is going to sell with a USB reciver UNDER THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS!


Here is a quick video of what it can do as shown at namm 2012...




It is supposed to have 1,000 times the processing power of the axon unit, making errors in tracking a lot less than even found in the axon.


Of course, the tracking speed is exactly the same as that of the axon, that is limited by the laws of physics.


Still, a great deal for someone wanting to get into MIDI guitar for cheap.


They are going to basically make this for people who have computers, though with the right converter, you could use it live also. But later on Fishman said they are going to introduce a breakout box for live playing.

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My gear guy from Washington Music Center was really excited about this, too. I'd still want to try it out in person. $300 plus the cost of another interface is still getting up there, and if you need a state-of-the-art computer to run the software, say a dual-core Mac with an Intel processor, that leaves me out.


Here's another company making some cool Guitar-to-MIDI gear. Sonuus I got the G2M when I was still battling with the GK-3. For about the price of a Tube Screamer, it's probably your cheapest entry into MIIDI Guitar - because it's a Pitch-to-MIDI device, it actually works with a lot of instruments, not just guitar. No computer or breakout box needed, just one guitar cable, one MIDI cable, and a MIDI synth to plug into. I still use mine, even after I got the GK-3 working right.

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@WPSmith....Sorry but the sonus is only able to be played ONE NOTE AT A TIME! You cannot make chords with it, making it useless to me.


And most people already have a computer or keyboard. So I don't see what the big deal is that you are talking about. This price is incredible, especially since the is THE FIRST WIRELESS MIDI GUITAR CONVERTER EVER MADE and it is made by the same guy that made the axon, which still is THE fastest tracking MIDI guitar converter box out there!


But the axon mark II sold for $750.00 when I got mine brand new years ago. This new pickup fits on any guitar and it is only three hundred bucks! Frankly, I don't see anything to complain about, as this is WAY better than a sonus!


You may not find this a great deal, but I am sure that a lot of people wanting to get into MIDI guitar will.


@ scott...I am glad it is wireless. MIDI guitar was really tethered before, but it is not now, so I see this as a plus not a minus. Especially for the price.




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