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Now bass-less (!) but new "budget" rig.


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A series of financial faux pas led to the depletion of my high end (to me) rig and basses. So now I start fresh, and after getting my checkbook in order this past month, made two stingy and miserly purchases at $250 each to form the beginning pieces:





Also, through a certain website's loop hole, I was able to stack several coupons to obtain, once again, my favorite bass (landing soon). Oh joy.

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That's a cool-looking rig -- hope is sounds as good as it looks.


It sounds fantastic. It being my first tube amp, I now know what all the fuss is about!


Good luck. Pay cash.


I hear ya...week in Vegas, new laptop, Christmas season...I saw my cc bill and almost couldn't believe it. Just wrote a check today that had too many zeros at the end! I did not dip into any of my three savings accounts, so, I got that going for me.


P.S. I hope you have a good hand truck! ;)


Funny thing is the head weighs about the same as the cabinet! The cab is the discontinued(?)Tour series 410, weighs about 60 lbs. The VB-2 I think comes in at a shade below 60.I've got a set of casters I'm about to install to help me move this guy about town.


Sorry to hear about your situation - and you being depleted.


You know you can borrow whatever you need until you are re-pleted.


Thanks Tom. I am in the midst of purchasing one of these from The Bass Company until my Bongo arrives in 6 or so weeks:



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It's a master/balance control. I'm going to spend some time with it tonight to test out the electronics, but I am extremely happy with build quality and attention to detail vs. price. I highly suggest looking into picking up a TBC (http://www.thebasscompany.com) before they close up shop. Jack is offering all 4/5 string basses for $200/$300 respectively until inventory is completed.
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if i'm not mistaken, tBC is a few former peavey guys based out of china. interesting business concept. i hope they're exiting the business by choice and not necessity.

Based out of China? Yet their website says "handmade in the USA". Are the parts made in China, then assembled in the US? Or is it just a deceptive phrase?

Would be a nice way to get a fretless 5 string cheap, if there are any fretless models left. Hmmm....

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I believe at one point they did operate out of China. Here is an article I found that was supposedly on the TBC website at one point:


"I started this new venture with the help of my close friend Gary McKenzie and my two children, John and Andrea. Together, we spent the next several years developing our philosophy, refining our designs and honing our bass-making skills. Our goal was to offer handcrafted bass guitars at a price that most players could afford.


By 2002, we felt we had accomplished most of what we had set out to do. Our philosophy of design and manufacturing was in place, and we had a well-defined product line that we were very proud of. Our pricing was very competitive with other handcrafted makers but not low enough to open the doors to the vast majority of players. The obvious solution was to follow the path that most of the manufacturers had taken. Outsourcing was the solution for all things, not just the companies making handcrafted product but also the large production houses. Because of our desire to control all aspects of guitar manufacturing, from the tree to the end user, outsourcing was not an option for us.


The Chinese Connection


The solution to our dilemma presented itself during a consulting trip to Dalian, China. I spent several months on this project, and during that time I fell in love with the country and its people. We acquired a beautiful production facility, hired a group of talented young people and immediately began a training program that included English as well as guitar making. We were very proud of our extended family in Dalian, also known as The Bass Company East. It was truly a world-class operation, and at the time we were the only American bass guitar company that owned and operated their own facility in China. All others continue to outsource to Chinese, Korean or Taiwanese factories.


Return to the Beginning


By 2005 the landscape in the retail music business had changed dramatically. Large retail chains were adversely affecting many of the independents, limiting distribution choices of manufacturers. We were certainly no exception. To compete in this environment meant increasing volume substantially and spending the majority of my time in China. Inadvertently, I had created a situation that would not only prevent me from being with family and friends but would eliminate crafting the guitars myself. The only solution to this dilemma was to close our Chinese operation. During our 3+ years in China, we had established strong personal relations with our people, and setting these aside was enormously painful."


I think it's down to a one man operation now down in Missouri, website states, "TBC is located in Bolivar, Missouri, where our collective energies are focused entirely on designing and building bass guitars. All of our instruments are made in our shop, by hand and carry the Hand Crafted in the USA label."

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Nice rig! About how heavy is the bass?


I was told the 4 string versions come in anywhere between 7-8 lbs. and the 5 string versions being a tad more. I'll weigh mine when I get home, but it is the lightest bass I can recall owning, I wouldn't doubt it being 8 - 8.5lbs

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