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Please help me :)


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Hii Guys,


I am new here and i'm new to keyboards, i wanted to buy a keyboard for a very long time but i couldn't. After a while i decided to buy one. I'm into trance/house/dance music but i listen to all kind of genres.

All i want to ask you is what keyboard should i buy to play trance/house/dance on it as a beginner.


Please there are so much on the internet

Digital Pianos

Keyboard Synthesizers

Keyboard Workstations



I don't know the difference and i really want to get one to start playing


Thank you



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Hi and welcome

For trance/house you should buy a virtual analog synth IMO: Clavia Nord Lead, Waldorf, Access Virus, Alesis Ion, Andromeda...there are many out there with different prices and quality. You have to check them in person. You might also need a computer loaded with a DAw and a sound interface, so you can record your Virtual Analog synth and try to make music. There's a long way to go. Good search


Be grateful for what you've got - a Nord, a laptop and two hands
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Yannis's suggestions are great, but as a beginner you might want to consider something less expensive to start with, to see if it "sticks". If you do get a top-tier keyboard, I suggest you get it used so that if you decide to sell it you'll get more of your money back. That said, it's important to get something *good* so you get good feedback from what you do. In the low end of the market, there are gems and there is crap. I can't help you much on specifics in your style, though.


BTW, next time please put something about the subject in your post topic. That will help attract people who are interested and knowledgeable, and avoid wasting time of those who aren't. For example "keyboard for beginner, trance/house/dance?"


Budget is important, as Sakari says.


Welcome to the forum!

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