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What kind of hybrid piano is this by Kawai w/Dave Grusin1985


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hey guys,


Could you take a look at this video and tell me what kind of Kawai piano Dave is playing. I really like the sound for some reason.... I guess it must be a Kawai equivalant to the CP80 or something?





PS. Enjoy the video too, its from an awesome concert done by GRP in the record plant after the boys came back from a European tour. The youtube uploader who put up this one has a bunch more from the same concert if your interested.


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Yes it's Kawai's contender to the CP70/80 series from Yamaha. Some would say it wins the face-off.






I tinkled the upright version once (EP 608) and didn't see what the fuss was about, but that was before I knew the magic of chorus and phaser pedals. ;)


Thanks for the GRP links. Loved those guys. Something to look forward to. :thu:


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I remember when that thing came out. Sometime in the early '80s I snuck into NAMM and stumbled across an odd-looking piano, in a glass booth all by itself, with no one around. I couldn't stop playing it. It may have been the way they had it amplified, but it was in an entirely different league than the CP70/80 which also came out around then IMHO/YMMV/Etc.

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ok...so no one likes a joking aussie...was just thanking mike for the memory really.



So one question [as I seemed like I was making light of the "guy"] not knowing much about guitars, does Lee use the signature guitar from Ibanez much through his career...I often wonder that amoungst guitarists [who get guitars in their honour] as a guitar isnt out of date like our keyboards. he isnt in this clip...so when was it made>??


just curious as keyboard players with signature keyboards named after them probably wouldnt keep using them [they date easily where a guitar doesnt]..say if it was this kawai for instance..could you imagine lugging this because it was your signature instrument that Kawai specially sold in your honour..then again you could probably afford a roadie..


albiet..in rolled up sleeves probably multitasking...hee hee [hee hee representing a smiley face.]

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I did some consulting with a piano store in the 80s and my payment was...


a Kawai EP308M!! I still have it, and it definitely rocks. There are 2 piezo elements in the bridge, as well as a built in chorus and MIDI (not the best implementation, but OK for layering). It was definitely a pain to move (about 400lbs.), great sound and stage presence.



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