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Outboard Gear?

Pete the bean

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I have been working hard at creating a live setup that gives a pleasing natural sound for grand piano. Too often the piano sounds "boxy" and the sound is hard in live situations. I am looking for warm in the sound.

I have just upgraded to the Roland 700NX and a pair of K10's. The weak part of the rig is the Behringer mixer which I am hoping to upgrade very soon. This setup rocks, but I think there could be a more warm in the sound. I am getting the sound of what I am looking for using Logic effects, piano hard compression, piano EQ and tube amp on DI setting on my iMac. I don't have a lap top to take to the gigs.


Any suggestions on outboard gear that can warm up the sound, DI or preamp?


Yamaha CP1 UHL X3-2 QSC K10's
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