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Fun with the modular and Voyager

Jim Alfredson

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Modular synths rule. After Hammonds, that is! :D


So, if the modular synth was played with a Hammond Novachord, it would be SUPER cool, right? :D

~ Sean

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I'm impressed and can only imagine the limitless possibilities with that setup :love: . Thanks for posting Jim :thu:

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"I've heard a lot worse!"

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That was really cool, Jim! A cut above the usual electronica one runs across...you make the sequenced part sound human with your manipulations. Couldn't help but hear a touch of Herbie in the solo, too. :)


Nice work!




Todd A. Phipps

"...no, I'm not a Hammondoholic...I can stop anytime..."

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Yes indeed - the coolest! Unless you could somehow figure out how to get a GX-1 involved too.

Anyone know Emerson's number?

He sold his GX-1s to Hans Zimmer and a collector in Italy. I would love to play one, just once!

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