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Keyboard/USB Audio for Macbook Air? Anyone using a Virus TI


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I'm trying to greatly reduce the size of my portable setup. A MacBook Air will be the heart of the system and the Akai APC40 Ableton Controller is the primary controller. I also need a small USB keybaord and a USB audio interface and want them to be one and the same. I have a few USB Keyboards but have never researched or purchased one with an audio interface built in.


Any suggestions on what works well with Mac, has decent latency, and is small? Should I just settle for using the Mac audio output?


Edit - I may have found my solution. Is anyone here using a Virus TI as USB controller and audio interface? If so, what latency are you getting?

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I thought about this topic a while ago and looked at the Yamaha MOX6 and Novation Ultranova.


I don't think the Virus has separate volume knobs for the synth and the computer.

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