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adding a TETRA to my hammond xk-3c rig


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How complicated do you want to get?


The easiest way is to just connect the '3c to the Tetra and push the drawbars in and turn the Tetra's volume up when you want to play it.


If you need a more complex setup use an External zone (up to 3 with the '3c's manual). Set up an external zone and push all the drawbars in then save it to the preset key you want to use. Have the zone use a MIDI channel that the '3c doesn't use for the manuals/pedals and have the Tetra ignore all channels but the one in the EZ.

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Hey Cool,


The Tetra is a great synth for sure, I love mine. Keep in mind that it can be programmed using CC's, but it really has deeper midi implimentation by using NRPN's (check manual). If the xk-3c sends NRPN data, that will give you better control. :thu:

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