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RIP Sam Rivers


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So very sorry to hear that. Loved his playing and composing.


Fuchsia Swing Song, Dimensions And Extensions and Contours are a few of his Blue Note records from the '60s I have. Adventurous and explorative playing from Herbie, Tony Williams, Freddie, Jacki Byard, Joe Chambers to name a few of the illustrious sidemen of that fertile era featured on his records.


Of course his most famous composition is "Beatrice" which is also one of my favorite tunes to play. I'd like to post this recording of Beatrice from a few years ago has my humble tribute to Mr. Sam Rivers. RIP sir.




2005 NY Steinway D

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Aw man, Sam Rivers was a one of a kind, brilliant player. I loved his duo recordings with Dave Holland, actually, everything he did.


I heard that one recording of Sam playing with Miles' band. He was such an individual on his instrument, the band sounded like two different bands in each song. Rumor had it that's why Miles didn't keep Sam in the band - a battle of strong voices.

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Great guy...what a player! I'm glad I got to see him live before he passed on. There are a few London jazzers that got to play in his big band that toured here and they all speak of him as an inspiration and a great guy.


Beatrice is one of my favourite tunes. Here are a few version:


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Got to meet him once, I helped put on a concert by his trio, and had dinner with him and his band, all very nice people. The cool thing about his trio was that Rivers played tenor flute and piano, all very well, his drummer was a really good pianist as well, and the bassist played upright and electric, and doubled bass clarinet, so within the trio, they had all these possible combinations. It was a very cool show. Rivers was probably in his late 70's, the rhythm section were probably in their 20's/30's, and they all played their asses off.

Turn up the speaker

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It's a keeper

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Crap. I actually got to see him with Dave Holland and Barry Altschul at the (long gone) Jazz Workshop in Boston somtime in the 70s. The performance was demonic in its intensity. Maybe the most memorable performance of anything by anyone I've ever witnessed.
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