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Aargh ZXA1 failure - should I look inside?


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My new EV monitor has developed a fault. I used it for a gig last week which was a combined solo piano/band gig. Solo part it was fine. In the evening, I noticed vocal monitoring, which it was handling, was problematic but thought it was the result of room acoustic and hasty setup.


I had another solo piano gig yesterday and immediately I plugged the piano in, I found out what the trouble was. It sounded like playing through a blanket - absolutely nothing coming out of the tweeter. Luckily I had a spare monitor with me but now I have a dilemma.


I bought the speaker from Thomann in Germany and because I was more than happy with the sound and because we are very tight for storage space, I stupidly threw the box. I'm not sure yet whether it will need to go back to Germany or down to EV's distributor here in the UK. Because of my stupidity, either is going to be a PITA.


So, question for anyone who's ever been inside an EV - could it just be something simple like a connector come loose? I have another band gig in about two and a half weeks time and if I can fix this myself, I'd like to. But obviously I equally don't want to screw the warranty on a less than month-old item.


Any input welcome. Now excuse me while I go and cry quietly in a corner...

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I'd call Thomann - they have been very helpful when I needed help. When my XK1 had a couple of issues, 2+ years after I bought it I called Thomann. They arranged a pickup, did a lot of service - changed some circuit board, replaced the worn out leslie button and changed battery. Less than two weeks later I got it back, delivered to my door. They didn't charge me anything - apparently they thought it all was within the 3 year warranty they'll give you. :)

I'm quite sure it would have taken longer time and probably would have cost me some if I'd serviced anything at a local dealer in Sweden.

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Sorry to hear that Aidan. +1 for the contact Thomann suggestion from MrTobb - ask them if you should contact the UK distributor or if they want it themselves.


I wonder what the situation is in Europe; here in North America, most companies will only honour the warranty in the country that sold it, so no warranty in Canada for products bought in the U.S.


Hopefully that's not the case for Aidan. :(

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