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New fish...but not mine


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My wife's sister is a pretty good bass player, but not a member of this forum. She ordered this Classic Stingray 4 as a birthday present from her husband. I think the color is great - it looks much more gold and less greenish tinged in person.


She also has a Stingray 5 with ceramic pickups, and says the alnico pickups on this new bass have smoother highs and fuller lows. Perhaps some tech oriented member could elaborate on the differences between those two pickup types.


Even though it's not my bass, I wanted to share this anyway for all you Stingray fans.




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Those rectangles with the circles in the middle of them just north of the bridge saddles....Wassat? A mute? A pickup? Whaaa???


I like the color a lot.


Those are string mutes. They were pretty much standard on Stingray bridges until the late 90's. My first Stingray which I got around '95 or so had them. But when I got a pair of Stingray 5's around 2000 or so the string mutes had been 86's from the Stingray bridges. This is actually a feature that I'm glad to see EB/MM brought back for the classic series. But I can't say that I'm a fan of the slab body.


That being said, I really dig that gold finish!

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