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OT: Software question


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I was under the impression that once a new version of software is out, the older versions cannot be sold legally. Is that true. I found this on the net, is this legit? Komplete 6 Does it work with Windows 7 (it says it does)? Thanks.


Komplete 6 is a great package, I have it on my machine since the upgrade came as a summer special.

I´m on XP 32Bit SP3 and I see no reason why it shouldn´t work w/ Win7 32Bit.

Meanwhile,- the Komplete 6 updates made it completely 64Bit compatible and AFAIK, Reaktor was the last waiting for 64Bit compatibility.

I just found a Komplete 7 upgrade for EUR 62.- incl. shipping @ebay and wait for arrival.


For the price of the product you´re asking for, it would be a better idea to look for Komplete 7 because it includes all the Scarbee stuff and some more, compared to Komplete 6.


Komplete 8 is a different story,- to me attractive only in Ultimate Edition,- but that will need a faster machine than mine and Win7 (best 64Bit) then.



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I've never heard of that store or know if it is valid, but, ...


Many times a store will get stuck with older versions when a new version of software is released. The new version is frequently the same price or just a little higher. Stores will usually knock the price down enough that the old version plus the upgrade price will total less than the new version. That is how I first bought Ableton Live.

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