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OT: My proudest moment as a musician

Jeff Klopmeyer

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Over the last five years, most of you KC'ers have heard me blab about the live music shows I do in the online virtual world of Second Life. While many of these shows have brought me personal pleasure in the form of fees/tips, in exposing my music to people around the world, and for the general fun of playing live, sometimes there's a much bigger payoff.


I make it a point to occasionally do shows that are fundraisers for charitable organizations that I believe in. I've done a number of shows for Relay for Life, the fundraising effort for the American Cancer Society. I've done shows for animal rescue organizations. But perhaps the greatest of these are the shows I've done for Live and Learn in Kenya, a small non-profit organization that directly assists kids in the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya, financing their education and feeding.


Well, the most recent benefit show I did, last Monday, was a tremendous success, to the point that the kids in the whole school were able to have a "Zak Claxton Meal and Party" today. I just received the pics below, and... gotta tell ya, I got pretty teary-eyed knowing that I helped make a difference for one day in these kids' lives, just by strumming my guitar and singing for an hour (something I love to do anyway). What a great Christmas gift for me! I couldn't ask for anything better than this.






Anyway, if you've never done so before, I encourage you to find a charity that is meaningful to you, and see if your music can be useful to them. I promise you, it'll be the best feeling you ever got from your music.

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I'm with you brother. We've done a lot of work (both musical and personal) with Uganda's African Children's Choir, and they are some of my fondest memories. They even inspired our adoption of 3 kids from Ethiopia, 1 from Guatemala and one from Ukraine. There's nothing more rewarding than making a real difference in the life of a child. Blessings to you...

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Thanks guys. It's funny; not five minutes before getting these photos, I was stressing about work stuff (getting ready for NAMM, of course), about my own finances after spoiling my own son for Christmas, and other typically worrisome elements of this time of year. But all that just melted away the second I opened their email, and I've been smiling ever since.


I can't imagine a greater feeling, and I hope you all get to experience something similar in your lives. The fact that I helped directly with my music, as opposed to just writing a check or something, made it way more special. Can't tell you how happy I am. :)

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Very cool Jeff. It is good to find a direct route into the people that need it. Looks like you did. Some local churches built an orphanage in Haiti and some of my cousins go twice a year. I try to buy toys and necessities for them to take each trip.

In my area a lot of people dont want to give because they are afraid of people working the system. There are some people that attend any charity give-away they can and then sell the food or items for drug money. I try to put the word out that if they want to give to kids who are really in need then contact a school teacher or childrens mental health counselor. These professionals know what kids are really doing without and can help funnel toys and gifts to the right person. Buying for these kids is more rewarding than buying for my great nice and nephiew.

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Its good to see people get involved in charity. My band does a couple of events every year. This year we did a 9/11 memorial event for disabled vets, an event for children with Leukemia and Toys for Tots. Great Stuff Jeff! :cool:

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Very cool Jeff. It is good to find a direct route into the people that need it. Looks like you did.


That's exactly correct, Robert. The LLK people aren't just a charity. They personally go to Kenya multiple times per year and teach the kids, and help administer the fund distribution. The woman who's in charge is based in Germany, but she happens to come from my own city here in the LA area. I don't have to be concerned about the contributions being routed in some way that doesn't directly help the kids.


I already told them to count on my support in 2012. :thu:

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Great work, Jeff. It's nice to really see where your philanthropic efforts are going and those kids look happy and grateful!


Thanks for making a difference!!

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I know everybody will be saying their Congratulations, great job, bla, bla, but how many of YOU are actually doing your part? It's easy to compliment a helping someone, turn your back and go back to your normal life. If only everybody was like that guy, we would end their hunger and suffering in a blink of an eye, we have the money but not the will, obviously.


Jeff, by helping them you aren't doing nothing else than your obligation, but not everybody sees it like that, so thank you for doing it. :)

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This is the post of the year, folks.


Jeff, I am humbled. My hat is off to you.


Thanks for posting this.




:thu: Couldn't have said it better.... That's awesome, Jeff.

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We need a barfing cat emoticon!








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Way cool. Thanks for sharing!


Way back when it looked like I might be able to retire early (which turned out to be a fairy tale; on the current schedule I can quit at age 85) I saw a book in a bookstore about how to retire successfully. I'd heard my dad's horror stories about his friends who were captains of industry and retired to be 2nd in command and not caring for it!


The name of the book was "Make it Count". The back explained the basic philosophy: do something that matters to YOU. I didn't need to buy the book; I'd already gotten the message.


Better still for you not waiting until some possible future day to make it count!

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That is just awesome Jeff :thu: -


to see their smiling faces & full plates of food is truly inspiring...


and something you should be very proud of.


Well done fella.



some stuff on myspace


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I always do several charity events during the year but that looks like it really made a difference.


Great Job Jeff!!!



Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others. Groucho




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Jeff: Props to you!


You are right...it's easy to get caught up in the day to day BS and not realize how lucky we are. A couple days ago I was just listening to a Louie CK bit about how ungrateful most of us are...he talks about a guy just ranting and raving because he has to press Spanish or English at the beginning of his ATM session. "Dude.....you're getting money from a machine!" So funny (and sad) because it sooooo true.....


Anyway, thanks for sharing your talents and your story. Hope you have a great holiday season!

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