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Stands for playing synth bass?


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I know, not another stand thread. I didn't want to derail the other thread, though, so I thought I'd start one with a specific question.

I play keys and synth bass and use a two tier stand (Quiklok 642). Right now I've got a Nord Stage Compact on the bottom and a V Synth on top (61 key)

I've been thinking of switching the V Synth to a Little Phatty.

The problem I'm seeing is that the Litte Phatty is shorter, and would hang over the middle of the Nord, which would make it very difficult to play bass with (I like to stick with my left hand for bass). I'm wondering if anyone knows of any stands that have an adjustable 2nd tier where I could place it so it matches up with the left side of the Nord, or if there's anyone that has the same setup and what they do?

I play standing up, if that's a factor.



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I'd just use a shelf on the bottom and slide the lil phatty o the left.



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