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RIP Dick Sims


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Oh man, what a drag! I saw him with Clapton and played on a bill with him when he was with Seger. He was playing Hammond and kicking bass thru a big Acoustic amp.


Very talented! RIP.



"I keep wanting to like it's sound, but every demo seems to demonstrate that it has the earth-shaking punch and peerless sonics of the Roland Gaia. " - Tusker


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Loved the way he played, and got he some great tones with his modified Hammond.


Big time.


A few more gems from the same show.









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I don't know what the mod was.


I asked Glyn Johns about it when he was working on the surround mix for Slowhand a few years ago. When I brought it up, he had forgotten he (Sims) had that, but he said indeed Sims had some sort of mod that he used effects on at the organ. He didn't know exactly what it was, only that he had it. If he had a chop, as Moe remembers, it certainly could have had lines in/out, so he could have added a variety of things I suppose.


On the Slowhand album, the song "The Core" has a really cool "hollow" sound to it, which is what I was asking about specifically with Glyn. I was playing by the time that album came out, and I remember hearing "The Core" and recognizing that it sounded different to my ears.


But since that album was recorded in London, I would wonder if the organ played on that record would have had something that was modded in the UK? It would not surprise me if Sims had one organ in the States and one in the UK for all the tours he was doing back then.


This clip sounds like he's using it and sounds like a wah to me in a live setting. But perhaps someone know better....



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