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Old Time Rock'n'Roll


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Getting old sucks. Yeah, we make jokes about it. Even those of us who ARE getting old. Some examples:


You know youre middle aged when you wake up feeling like the morning after, and there hasnt been a night before




You know youre middle aged when you wake up in the morning and its your BACK thats stiff


Then theres the story of the guy who was out shopping and saw the girl who used to babysit his kids. He walked up and started talking to her and to ask how shes been doing when to his embarrassment and dismay, he discovers it was NOT the girl who used to babysit, but rather her DAUGHTER!


Especially to us baby boomers, the thought of getting old is supposed to be terrifying. It means that we arent HIP anymore, even though we actually STOPPED being hip once we hit about 25 or so years of age. But to those of us who ARE boomers, when we talk about old time rocknroll, we usually refer back to, say, the Beatles, Stones, early Who, the Yardbirds with Eric, or the Yardbirds with Jeff, or even the Yardbirds with Jimmy. You know, around THAT period of time. And maybe even earlier than that. We never stop to think about how some OTHER generation looks at it.


Which brings me to a conversation I overheard that made me think about all of this.


I was sitting in the snack area of the local Meijers store the other day. Behind me were three guys about 15-16 years old talking about music. I couldnt hear everything they were saying, but I DID hear one of them say, Yeah, I like some of that old timey stuff like SILVERCHAIR or OUR LADY PEACE.




Now, to ME, that stuff isnt all that old timey. But think about it. If these kids were 15-16 years old, well, I guess it IS old timey. It would be like me saying, at 15, Yeah, I like that old timey stuff like Jo Stafford or the Ink Spots.


It also lead me to think about comic situations like one kid complaining to another, I HATE it when Grampa cranks up all his old OFFSPRING CDs. Or, My Dad is so out of it he thinks DEATHCAMP FOR CUTIE is still cool.


Maybe one day some of you will watch a potbellied, white haired old LINKIN PARK or NICKLEBACK fight their arthritis to perform on one of those PBS shows! At least those members who might still be alive.


I think the secret to not letting it get to you is to keep an open mind to whats new, and NOT judging it by the template of what was considered cool when you were considered hip. Remember, youre only as old as you think. AND that, Life begins at 40.


Although I sure dont FEEL like Im 21.



I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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i don't have that problem yet, i am a metal head that likes a wide variety of stuff. my kids are cool as are their friends.

i have been a MH as my kids slowly grew into heavier stuff each year, so i was here waiting... and in a way i am their Yoda.

we talk music like friends do. my kids are a : Foo Fighter, Megadeth digging infatuated drummer ( Ben) who is a "Sheldon" from "big bang theory" clone.

and a : A7X, 5 Finger death punch, Megadeth, Anthrax AC/DC lovin' guitar player who handles a set of drums ( double kick too) like his non guitar playing idol the late Jimmy Sullivan (the Rev). and now wants a bass so he can record the crapload of songs he has written without waiting for any one else to get on board.


i am not as old as my birth certificate, and only girls behind the counter at stores call me sir.

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Yeah getting old ain't no picnic... but as Joe would say, life's been good to me so far.

I like George Burns take on it:

"If you make to 100 you've got it made... very few people die past the age of 100"... :D




The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." George Orwell


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