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Something powerful...


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I didn't feel right putting this in the "Your music" thread because, well, it isn't my music. And yes, I crossposted over in KC's shameless plugs section, because I know how rarely people cross over.



Maybe not the greatest song I've ever heard, but the story is powerful.


The woman featured in the video is my friend, who fought with the state of Virginia trying to get the help her mentally disturbed (and gone violent) son desperately needed after the state shut down their youth psychiatric facilities. The battle took a heavy toll on her health as well - she had a heart attack at age 25 and lay in a coma for several weeks afterward.


The good news is, she's doing better from a health perspective. The bad news is, she's still embroiled in a battle with VA, at this point over them (they took custody from her) dumping him on foster families without telling them about his prior psych history, creating a potentially explosive situation with each new placement (total of 18 now since they turned him out of the psych hospital).


Anyway, it's a moving tribute to her son.

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I also hope she's doing better. AND that the video brings to light a problem not only in Virginia, but here in Michigan as well, and probably a lot of other states. When you mix the flippant way the state treats the mentally ill, especially children, with the haphazard methods used in most foster care systems, you wind up with a potentally deadly brew.


I hope that she's able to avoid any further distress.


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