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Save a horse, ride a cowboy...


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The one I don't like doing is Dirt Road Anthem. I don't like doing the whole country rap thing. But the crowd likes that tune.

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Oh, Joe, really? :(

I had the impression that forceman was talking about other videos. At first he said it made him ill, but then he "gave it another shot and watched some other videos." So I thought the first one was the one you linked to, then he watched some others. Those are what I'm looking for.


Whoops! Sorry, my bad! :blush:


Here's a few that he (and you) might like:






Oh, I never watch the videos, as I am a music purist.. ;)

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Haha....this thread took an interesting turn...lol. I really don't care for the song either, but as mentioned, it gets the crowd on the dance floor. I will play around with all the suggestions and make something work....thanks again all!


Forceman - the first gig with the new band is in February in downtown Rochester....I will keep you posted ;)

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Who decided that the keyboard player has to play all the keyboard parts, piano, rhodes, organ etc, plus whatever horns, strings, banjo & fiddle and everything else on a modern record. :crazy:

Like the old joke, why a dog licks his balls: Because he can. :rimshot:


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Any suggestions on patch settings (other than don't play that stupid song..lol)


I have a split set right now on the motif with banjo and violin...does not sound good. We try to make the song sound as authentic as possible, maybe I should think outside the box?? Any input would be appreciated...thanks!


Wouldn't it be fun to get yourself a banjo and rock out with it on this song?


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Whoops! Sorry, my bad! :blush:


Here's a few that he (and you) might like:





Ah okay, I thought there were other videos of the original song he was talking about, not the genre. Thanks though!


And what do those four have in common?? Hmmmmm, I wonder.



That's part of the reason I selected those particular tracks. :thu:

Not bad. Not bad at all. ;)


Lovin' the avatar, Joe!
Thanks! I stole it. When I saw the full-size pic in the other thread I was reminded of it.

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