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Slightly OT: Manheim Steamroller on TV yesterday


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I know a few of us enjoy Manheim Steamroller on occasion... I had drifted off while watching football yesterday afternoon, and my wife started channel surfing during the commercials. She ended up tuning in the Pandora Holiday on Ice show. Upon hearing the music, and immediately recognized who was playing, I woke up to watch. Women enjoy this type of production more than us guys, but the combination of orchestra and synths with the skating was festive, and we ended up switching back and forth with the game.


Anyone else watch it?

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I saw it. I also saw it last year when they did it with skaters as well.


MS has done what TSO does, split into 2 bands (east and west). The purdy young keyboardist/recorderist is a noob, I don't know her. Arnie Roth was conductor/violin, Arnie has his hand in just about everything. I think Chip Davis is retired from touring, that drummer plays for Dennis DeYoung.


The kid from American Idol has sure grown up. He was decent, but as Randy would say "a little pitchy". :laugh:

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I saw some of the show also. I imagine they used a click track to keep a certain tempo that the dancers used to rehearse with. Perhaps some of the instruments where on a track too, it was hard to tell. Anyway, it was a cool show.


I've been playing the MS show for years, I'm one of the string players they hire (the group on the TV show was much larger than their normal touring show). There is a Pro Tools rig running. It's mainly to sync to videos they use in the show. For the rehearsal, the band is not there, just the hired orch.


I've played 2 skating shows like that one, one was with some of the American Idol kids. There was no click, it's up to the conductor to nail the tempo. If you think about ballet, it's pretty common to have music without a click for skaters and ballet dancers. I'm guessing that if a conductor screws up with the tempo, the skaters will speak their mind pretty quickly. That's a, err, "difficult" group of people as a whole. :laugh:

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