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OT: Tivoli Model One


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Just received an online gift card to Amazon, and have had my eye on a Tivoli tabletop radio for the longest time due to its aesthetics and audio quality (not to mention the handy aux in!). I also thought it might make a nice low-volume KB practice amp for the apartment.



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I own three Model One units...


and have purchased four PAL units (3 for gifts).


Tivoli Audio


The PAL that I use, I've had for many years. It's one of the been the best-sounding portable radios I've ever used.


As for using either of these as a keyboard amp, try it. As long as you don't crank it up too high and bottom out the speaker, it should be fine.


If you were a fan of Advent Speakers in the seventies, as I was, the guy who runs this company, Tom Devesto, worked with Henry Kloss (of Acoustic Research, Advent and KLH fame).




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