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My New Electro 3 HP


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I took delivery on Tuesday of a Clavia Electro 3HP. I've had the 61 key since April and love the sounds so much that my plan is to have a light, compact, great sounding rig with E3HP on bottom and Electro 3 61 on top. If I decide there's too much redundancy then maybe an SK-1 to replace the the small E3.


Anyway my biggest concern with the E3 HP was the weighted action.


I've only played it about 5 hours total and not on a gig yet but my initial impressions are that I like it very much. I used the default velocity curve initially but found some hand fatigue after some time. That setting feels harder than the Roland RD 300GX that I'm used to.

There are 4 different velocity settings ranging from default 0 then 1,2, and 3 with 3 being the lightest touch. I've been using setting 2 on the acoustic pianos and setting 1 on the EP's. That may change once I start actually gigging but no hand fatique now and I really like the connection I feel with the instrument when playing the sounds.


While I'll be using the HP mostly for the piano sounds I love the feature that allows you to set a high trigger point on the keys when playing organ sounds. It makes a big difference.


While playing around with the organ features I gave myself a little scare. When I returned to play the E3 after my initial try out I noticed additional notes being "triggered" when I played certain keys on the organ. Usually an octive or a fifth and at about half the volume of the correct note but still audible. After about a minute or two of "oh shit, I may have to return this" I decided to check to see which Vintage B3 it was set to. They give you 4 ranging from Clean to Vintage 3 which is an old, beat up model. I had unknowingly set it to Vintage 3 and apparently what I was hearing was their model of god awful tone wheel crosstalk. I've only owned 1 real Hammond in my lifetime, a C3 about 20 years ago and was not familiar with or hearing crosstalk back then.

I reset the 3HP to Vintage 1 relieved and amused.


I did find an E3HP gig bag at Gear Orphanage thanks to someone on this forum. My apologies because right now I forget who that was but thanks! I'm awaiting delivery of the bag on Saturday with a tryout gig Saturday night. I'll just be using the E3HP on that gig with the 61 as a back up so it will get a good work out.



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Nice looking rig, Tom.


My church rig looked like it (E3 over PC2) until last week, now it is PC361 over PC2. My avatar shows the E3 over PC3X.

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If i just want the AP and EP with weighted keys from Nord is this NE3 HP better than NS2?





I mean, is the synth part the only thing that differs? I know that NS2 has organ from c2 and NE3 from c1.



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If i just want the AP and EP with weighted keys from Nord is this NE3 HP better than NS2? I mean, is the synth part the only thing that differs? I know that NS2 has organ from c2 and NE3 from c1.


Hello apples, welcome oranges. No layering, no splits (organ apart), less memory, no aftertouch.


If you just need EPs and APs, the better comparison (price-wise) is the HP and the Nord Piano 88. Questions you need to ask then are: can I live with the HP action over the bigger model, can I live with 73 vs 88 keys?


Tom and Ed, you guys are giving me serious GAS right now. Part of me would love the convenience of having a light little board like this to take to rehearsals and band gigs, plus the occasional solo piano where access is difficult (city centres). How are you both finding that HP action? I was worried when I tried it that it might be too springy and resistive, maybe causing hand problems long term for me.


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The convenience factor + great sounds is exactly why I did this.

I've already been using just the NE3 61 for certain gigs and enjoying playing it so much while at the same time missing weighted keys so I'm hoping this works out well.


I do find the action to be..hmmm firm and springy, if that's possible..lol The default velocity curve made my hands tired after about an hour. It was harder for me than my Roland RD but I remembered that I had set the Roland to a light-medium response so I found myself switching to Vel 2 setting on the Nord which is considered Medium and it feels better to me. There is still a lighter touch setting left if I need to go there.


I'll find out more once I start gigging with it (Saturday) and I'll let you know my reactions.



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How are you both finding that HP action?


Aidan, I really like the action... a lot.


Of course, it's a matter of personal preference. However, I like a light action. For instance, in acoustic pianos, I've often preferred the Yamaha. The Wurlitzer AP action is often too light. The Baldwin is too heavy. My Kurzweil PC2X fatigues my hands after playing a gig. And for some reason my fingernails on my right hand split. I probably need to drink more milk - but that too has it's drawbacks. :sick:


I like a lighter rather than darker tone. The NE3HP has 4 dynamics response curves. The ability to adjust this quickly is a super-nice feature, as I can have a different velocity for acoustic pianos, Rhodes, and Wurlitzers immediately.


Physically, I really like the HP's action. It's light, but not too light for me. Add to that the ability to adjust the dynamics response and it makes for a very versatile keyboard.


Although playing organ on a hammer-action keyboard is not my first choice, it's certainly not a deal-breaker for me. I'm usually playing acoustic piano, Wurlitzer, or Rhodes before I go for an organ setup. Of course, it depends on the song and the other instrumentalists. If I'm playing with a couple of guitarists, I like to leave them space for their rhythm choices and add a pad underneath. The NE3HP's B3/Leslie emulation is very serviceable.


I'm certain a Ventilator would offer even better tone than what is built into the NE3HP, but I've not gotten to the point where I'm willing to part with the money to buy one yet.


I've been pretty busy with work and family lately. I haven't had as much time with the NE3HP as I would like. Check back with me in a month.





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I feel like I've been developing some hand issues when I've played the NE3HP a lot. But "a lot" was 12-15 hours per week, when I was practicing on it as well as gigging. When I only use it on gigs, no problem.

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Congrats! Looks like a sweet setup!


I used to have an electro 2 but I sold it to fund a stage EX. The electro I had was the small one, but I bought a weighted Stage. I did love the unweighted action on the Electro for organ and clav. It had such a great feel and snap to it.




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I did my first gig with the E3 HP last evening. A guitarist and myself were backing up a singer/songwriter. The venue was a local art gallery that also doubles as a concert room regularly.


We played 2 70-minute sets with a 30 minute intermission.


I was really pleased with the E3 HP. The Acoustic Pianos (mono button on) sounded expressive and the Wurly and Rhodes were a joy to play. I've been playing those sounds recently but on an Electro 3's unweighted keys.


I only used the organs on 2 songs (without ventilator) and it will take a little getting used to playing the organ from these keys. But I plan on using the E3 -61 along with the E3HP as much as possible and then I'll have waterfall keys for organ.


What I really wanted to see was how the weighted action felt and behaved on a gig. I kept it on the Velocity 2(medium) setting that I had gone to when I was first playing it at home.

It felt very responsive and by the 2nd set I was comfortable with the feel.


Next weekend I'll really put it to use. I have a band gig Friday (E3HP and E3-61) Duo gig Saturday afternoon (E3HP) Duo gig Saturday evening (E3HP) and blues band gig on Sunday evening (E3HP and E3 -61).





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