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woden thoth/jeff white, rip


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A Dream


Went to church


Went to leave


Lost my shoes


Then lost them again


Searching the church


For my shoes


Shoes upon shoes


One shoe over the other


On my feet together


Heard a song by Black Sabbath


Some kids jamming


In the church basement


great jam, I said


Ran into Connick in his trenchy coat


Finally found my shoes


And I left


Walked into a warehouse factory district


Concrete buildings


Everything paved with blacktop


Walked through a factory


Alarmed feeling


Had to get out


Through a butcher shop




Ran out the back


Ape hands cut off lying around everywhere


I stumbled through them


Stepped on none


Alarm continued


Escaped to another barren warehouse area


A tire and a steel beam


Moved by themselves


Up the paved hill


As I descend


Toward, but then by me


Two guys walked up similarly


As we all sang an operatic chorus


With a lively tempo


(The tire too!)


Landed on a sidewalk


Walking away from the bushmeat factory


Remembered the gore


I was eating a pastry


Shaped like a floppy


Rubber sea urchin


I spit it out


Hearing the words:


They dont know what theyre eating.


I was afraid Id eaten gorilla


Kept going


Had to keep going


Woke up


It was time to take my meds.


- WT

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Be glad that his pain has ended, though yours has just begun. Take comfort in knowing that there are those who have your back just like you did his.

Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: âNinety percent of everything is crapâ


My FLMS- Murphy's Music in Irving, Tx



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thanks guys...i do know he was jazzed to be mentioned here, it gave him a validation he never really knew in general...most people are too hung up on notes to notice the SOUND of the notes.


he's deeply missed.


but...i'm glad his suffering, which was gargantuan, has ended.


i'm hoping to be able to afford some of his kit from his widow and integrate it into mine in his memory, and maybe get some of his art to hang on the wall.


i know brenda is having many crisis right now, so if anyone is into helping, please consider buying some of his merchandise...


i can post paypal info if anyone wants it.



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that's one of them, also check electricanointing.com


you can also buy jeffs art on t'shirts, mugs, mouse pads etc on deviantart.com

and look under search on woden thoth many of his paintings are on there.


paypal can be sent to :


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