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The Other Game Changer (kinda OT)


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the guitar actually seems nice (imho), not quite my cup of tea, i kind of like parkers and Steinbergers, and the pickup thing is debatably "new", or "Newly packaged", enough to justify its existence, but actually calling it "The Game Changer" i mean calling it a slogan?, (over-used up slogan at that) as a marketing guy, to me it seems as just not trying... Fail...
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It's definitely new, being able to rewire individual coils -- a lot more than just a 6-way switch. But how useful are those other wirings? Definitely overblown marketspeak.


A Variax is a bigger game changer, especially the ability to change tunings in an instant. Not that I'm a big Variax fan; I prefer simpler stuff, real tubes & such.

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I used to use a Vx700 extensivly gigging. Easily the coolest thing about it was the alt tunings. Never used a Capo and always had drop D ready in an instant with no breaks to re-tune!


However I really didn't like a lot of the sounds and the longer you played it the more it's flaws gnawed at me.


The "plink" attack of piezo pickups, barely noticable at first, started to really drive me crazy, esp since we frequently used IEMs back then. Also lacked some of the dynamics that you can get from a real guitar.


Honestly I'm interested in seeing this new guitar. Probably because I already own a few EBMM's and I have a reflex that I absolutely love.


For guitar players like me who've had an axe in and out of the shop trying to get the right pickup config, it might save us a lot on gas! and GAS.


However I must admit that the name is one of the worst marketing moves in quite a while.

You want me to start this song too slow or too fast?


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