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A String

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I've been a Guitar Player reader since around 1979, and have gotten much useful info from the lessons in the magazine over the years. Thanks in advance for enjoying my music.

My blues tunes:




ambient/electronic with guitars:




prog rock:



Original blues:

original prog rock: www.soundclick.com/edenconcept

Original ambient electronic guitar: www.soundcloud.com/sleep-distance

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Hello Guitar Player readers and shredders, This is Sean Silas from the band Hour:11 and I wanted to share some music we have that has been released for a few months!


We would love to hear from you and let us know what you think and if you know of a promoter that would like to book us for 2012 please send us a email!! We would like to open for major acts if possible that are rock/ nu-metal/ metal.



Thank you again and hope you like it!!




Hour:11 on Facebook


Hour:11 on Reverbnation




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i was bored.

my hamster died.

i had this masturbatory thing happening.

my drum machine ate the lsd i lost all them years ago

the teacher ate my homework.

sorry....won't happen again...



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Some new videos of the Bluezz Bastardzz - "That lil' ol' ZZ Top cover band from Hamburg..." taken at Hof Südensee in Sörup (northern Germany) by the local TV station Offener Kanal Flensburg on Sep 16th, 2011: "My Head's In Mississippi" and "Fool For Your Stockings" by ZZ Top and "Walking On The Moon" by The Police. All the clips are available in the video sections of our Myspace and Facebook band profiles.








One difference to our older videos is my Tokai LS120 with Gibson P-94 single coils with its first appearance in a Bluezz Bastardzz video instead of the Tokai LS60 with Gibson Shaw PAFs which was used in our older clips. And you can hear my Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo here as well. The amp is my usual live rig with the Mesa Boogie Mark IIb top and self-built EVM-12L Thiele cab. We had to tune the video sound a bit, because they used the dry PA mixer sound for it where the vocals were much too loud compared to the rest. The visual effects were added by us afterwards, too.

ZZee ya, Hans-Jürgen

BLUEZZ BASTARDZZ - "That lil' ol' ZZ Top cover band from Hamburg..."

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I'm gigging quite a bit here in Rome with a friend of mine covering some traditional blues in the style of Jorma Kaukonen, he sings and does the fingerpicking and I add some acidity with my slightly crunchy strat.

These are few demos we posted on Reverbnation and I'd like to have some feedback, considering that we are doing something that is supposed to be much more in the tradition of the majority of the forumites here, and not that much in ours...although blues has became an universal language.



thank you.



Guess the Amp

.... now it's finished...

Here it is!



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