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Tried out the Tyler Variax


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I came home to Detroit in Oct for the first time in 2 years, and I tried out the Line 6 Tyler Variax at GC. Very VERY cool guitar. There would be no possible way I could ever tell it is a modeling guitar. The passive regular electric guitar pickups sounded lame compared to the models though. I would imagine they scrimped on these probably.


My favorite aspect about this guitar was the acoustic modeling. It really sounds convincing (to a degree) with the piezo bridge. Imagine being able to switch to an acoustic or 12 string acoustic from say a Strat through a Marshall. That is very useful, and sounds damn good.


It also has a dial on it that will switch your guitar into a myriad of open tunings. Very useful.


I played the more strat styled guitar that I believe is the cheaper one. I think it was around $1200 or $1400 which isn't exactly cheap, but when you factor all the practical applications for this technology it is worth it (at least for me).


Now all I need is an actual band to play in (and the extra $$ to buy this sucker)


My only gripe with this guitar is that it wouldn't stay in tune very well with my constant bending. But that is probably easily addressed with a simple setup.


I had a nice time back in MI during my favorite month. Nice to see some fall color, and eat some homemade grill/bbq. But I am glad to be back in modern, beautiful, clean, Taipei--where I don't EVER have to drive a car (I hate driving)

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Pretty cool-I was at the music fair last weekend and about the only thing I found annoying is, that I finally had a chance to try out a Moog guitar-and they wouldn`t let me take it off the rack. I didn`t really ask directly but with everything else they were pulling up a chair for you, or asking if you wanted to try. Still, it was pretty impressve-reminded me of the MIDI guitar rigs of the 80s, without five racks of gear. Fret a note and it will sustain as long as you hold it down, and you can make it sound like anything.

Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


Skipsounds on Soundclick:


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Cool, Bruce! (I was thinkin' of you lately, and up you pop... been a lo9t of that lately... ) That sounds like a guitar I could put to really good use these days! Say, as a second through seventh axe ;) in the live-rig, while still using my main-squeeze Les Paul for a lot of things...


Which version did you try? The 89 or 69 Double-Cut, the 59 Single-Cut, what what in the what? ;)


Man, one of these and a Spider Valve Mk II have you written all over 'em...


How does one of these- with the modeling- work with live feedback? I have to suspect that it wouldn't work on some of the models, particularly those with Open or Alternate Tunings... But in general, I bet its a GREAT live axe!


steve howe uses them variax things live all the time...sitar parts, 12 string parts, all kindsa stuff...i was kinda surprised to see him using line 6 backline, too.


I know what you're sayin', but I hafta admit that I've been very impressed with the sound I've heard other guitarists getting out of some Line 6 amps- some of 'em, with various Line 6 models, got a very convincing, warm, full, natural tone; but there have also been those who sounded very harsh and strident, very SS, processed and fake... I guess it's partly down to the individual players and their control-settings. In any case, I'd say that these amps are capable of excellent tones. (I have yet to put any Line 6 amps through their paces myself, though!)


And, I'd imagine that the Line 6 axes and amp can be used together in very powerful, versatile ways....

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


~ Caevan James-Michael Miller-O'Shite ~

_ ___ _ Leprechaun, Esquire _ ___ _

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I am sticking with the old analog guitars, I have never had an interest in Line 6 Stuff after my Pod XT sold. The Line 6 stuff is probably very good and useful for a pro looking to expand his sound. But I play my music just for fun.
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