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Crosby and Nash at Zuccotti Park

Eric Iverson

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No, I'm not trying to reopen my thread that was closed down! LOL


I live in NYC, and wanted to go hear those two guys, since I loved the Byrds and the Hollies, and CSN's FIRST album (not so much the others, though there were some nice songs on them). But I had too much work on my desk, and no one's paying me to attend concerts.


Did any of you guys get to hear them? How was it?

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3 very talented men, who had a major impact in their day. In terms of guitars (alternate tunings etc.) but more importantly, in terms of vocal harmony. Not, of course, that they invented it, LOL.


I enjoyed reading the second part of David Crosby's autobiography. Celebrity biographies are often just extended press releases, but I like to hear them tell their stories in their own words.





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