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Herbie interview on KCET


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Yeah...Herbie´s homestudio is a bit "scaled down" compared to the "good old days"...a real synthmuseum...


Fantastic interview btw.





Jamming with his Fairlight and ON his Chroma

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Wow. I finally watched that interview. It didn't tell me anything I hadn't already heard about Herbie but it did remind me of why I hold him in such high esteem. He's a brilliant musician who, IMO, deserves every accolade he's received. Thanks for the interview link. I'm gonna go practice Maiden Voyage now...
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When Hancock found hims solos getting a little stale, Miles told him: don't play the butter notes. Hancock does his best Miles imitation on the quote. Hancock had no idea at first what Miles meant. Miles apparently gave most of instructions to the band in cryptic metaphors. But Hancock figured it out: the butter notes were the notes mostly clearly identified with a cord. Well, in the second version of MFV, there are a lot fewer butter notes, but the soul of the song shines out more clearly for that.

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