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digging up an old record: one hot minute.


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i heard "aeroplane" on the radio this morning, so now i'm listening to the whole record, "one hot minute." it's not really near the top of many red hot chili peppers fans' lists, nor is it known as some of flea's best tones. but the thing i can't avoid listening to it today is how i actually really like his tone on this record.


the thing that really stands out is how loud and aggressive his tone is, which is funny considering flea used an alembic. i've always thought alembics were known for versatility and refinement. that may well still be what they are best known for, but i really like how flea's heavy hand really gets something special going on this record.

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I like that album a lot.

I wonder if they will play any songs off of it since john frusciante left the band..



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