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Buzzard's Apprentice


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hello everyone.


Still, dear all day long circling the great beyond

We come fast come to feast

We come with a song for all seasons

Spring dear big sigh and hold on my side

We dive to the place where the bullets come down

Where the bullets come down and around and around and

Hold on for me and oh see oh see

oh life, oh come forward

Where the bullets come down down in doors

And around in holes and keep on


In mothers sowing

In daughters sleep

What black dreams guide me

What stirs in me


And still this roaring sea

Of progress of industry

They seem so far down

Their flesh, our crown


So take a long time sipping your wine

Brandish your evening clothes

Mirrored in haze ironed in daze

Merry princes all long gone


Stealing aloud nature abound

Dark muses guiding me

Heaven or not, taking your shot

Getting along with me

the song


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