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Glue for wood core Rhodes hammer tips

Jim Alfredson

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I bought new hammer tips for this Rhodes 54 and installed them as well as new dampers before shipping it out to LA (Janiva bought it from me).


It arrived with all the wood core hammer tips in the upper end off and floating around in the cabinet. I was having a helluva time getting them to stay on before I shipped it. The regular neoprene tips glued on fine with crazy glue, which is what Vintage Vibe sent with the kit. These wood core tips seem to be made of a different type of plastic/rubber that is very slick. The crazy glue didn't work at all. Contact cement didn't work. E6000 didn't work. I finally tried the 3M weather stripping glue that Rhodes used in the original factory. It seemed to hold but they didn't make the trip to LA.


Any ideas? I'm in LA now and I need to get these hammer tips glued on before I leave. I'm not coming back for the rest of the year.



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Do you apply the glue to the wood in the tips? If so, I'm guessing the wood is cut such that you're applying glue to the end grain and it's sucking up the glue.


Maybe try a surface-insensitive super glue (like Loctite 401 - McMaster-Carr sells this as item 74765A33)


Another idea would be an epoxy or urethane adhesive.

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The hammers in the Rhodes 54 are plastic. I cleaned them well. And I applied glue to the tips themselves.


I went to Home Depot this afternoon and bought a bottle of Loctite Stik'n Seal. I didn't want to try anything based on cyanoacrylate, which is "super glue". I tried that and it didn't work.


So far, the Stik'n Seal seems to be working. I also bought a file and roughed up the bottoms of the tips to give the glue something to adhere to. I think that might solve the problem.


Thanks, y'all.

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I used a dremmel to remove the old glue on my mkII 88, and the regular stuff VV sent worked really well. They suggest using a sharp edge to get the old stuff off. But the dremmel really scuffs the surface possibly for a better adhere to new tips... IMO


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