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Roland Fantom G series keyboards & Expansion boards


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Does anyone out there understand the difference between the expansion boards for the Fantom G series keyboards and the SRX expansion boards for the XP series? What I mean is, the old expansion boards were loaded with patches and from what I'm reading in my manual for the ARX expansion boards, it sounds like they are more geared toward making your own patches.


One thing that is really confusing me in the Basic Structure instructions in the manual that came with my ARX expansion board says "The ARX series supports up to sixteen parts, but this product is designed with only one part." Huh? This is confusing me.


Also, "Since this product realizes a wide range of editing, depending on the playback device that you use and the settings of the parameters of this product, symptoms such as distorting and cracking sounds may occur." Now, what does it mean depending on the playback device? Isn't the playback device the Fantom...the very keyboard I'm putting it in? I'm really confused by these instructions.


Can anyone make sense of this for me? I would really appreciate it.



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The ARX boards have no relationship to the previous SRX or SRJV-80 boards. They are basically add-on specialised sound engines, based around the same type of "Supernatural" technology the Jupiter-80 uses. You can save your own presets on them. The three boards they made only have one part, but the documentation says they can have up to 16, but Roland never made any boards that have that many parts. Why? Nobody knows. But it's pretty clear they are not developing any more ARX cards. The sound engines on each ARX board are quite deep and much more advanced that the standard ROMpler engine in the Fantom series. I have the brass and drums are they are very good.


There are two instruments that take the ARX cards the Fantom G and the V-Studio or something which has a Fantom engine in it.

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