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Kudos to Clavia and American Music and Sound

Chris Link

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I took my Nord C1 to a friend's for him to try out. I rarely play the thing and essentially never gig with the thing and he is likely going to buy it.


While messing around with it on Saturday, he managed to get it so that he had no output. I had no idea what was wrong and I had neglected to bring him the owner's manual. I told him Clavia support was pretty good, but I doubted that emailing them on what was Saturday evening was unlikely to be of help in time for his gig in a few hours.


He called later and it turned out his email was forwarded to Pablo at American Music and Sound who was able to fix the problem with a quick phone call. (It turns out he had inadvertently managed to change the output routing and had no Hammond sound from the output channel he was using.)


That is pretty impressive personal service!


The gig went well. The sound man came up and wanted to know more about the C1 as he loved the sound.



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Adding my second/third in support of the level of service that Pablo provides. I emailed a note of appreciation to the organization after he took care of an electro problem for me last year. Super professional and really nice guy.
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I just finished dealing with Pablo on a key contact issue, and I totally agree with all. When I didn't reply over the weekend, he sent an email asking if I was having any problems. Great service! And, super nice guy. I'm gonna stop by and meet him when I get to Tampa.

Jim Wells

Tallahassee, FL



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