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Happy 200th Birthday Franz Liszt!


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How Franz Liszt Became The World's First Rock Star




here we go, another jazzer 200 years ago...


Liszt deliberately placed the piano in profile to the audience so they could see his face. He'd whip his head around while he played, his long hair flying, beads of sweat shooting into the crowd. He was the first performer to stride out from the wings of the concert hall to take his seat at the piano. Everything we recognize about the modern piano recital think Keith Jarrett, Glenn Gould, Tori Amos or Elton John Liszt did first. Even the name "recital" was his invention.
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My 2nd piano teacher and a music history teacher I had in college both taught that Liszt was the 1st rock star. I always liked playing Liszt better than Chopin. Liszt's piano went to eleven.


I have to win Powerball so I can build a woodshed studio that will house a 9' grand.




"It doesn't have to be difficult to be cool" - Mitch Towne


"A great musician can bring tears to your eyes!!!

So can a auto Mechanic." - Stokes Hunt


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