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SampleTank app for iPhone and iPod touch


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I downloaded the free version which offers only one or two sounds per category. To get additional sounds, you have to buy sound packs ($4.99 each; $39.99 for all of them). Essentially, it seems to be like having a ROMpler on my iPhone, with sounds of varying quality. To date, this seems to be the best app of its kind, though considering the few options available, I'm not sure that's saying much. I also have 50in1 Piano. I plan on getting iRig MIDI so that I can play these sounds on a keyboard with full size keys.
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Just found out last night there was an update on this app...


Now works perfectly on IO Dock... the app itself is a bit odd to use but I think I have finally figured it out.


Pretty damn good samples I have to say (I think around early Motif level or so), apart from the drums which are very tinny. I've been using the sequencer and recorded 3 tracks of piano drums and guitar but was running out of polyphony. I'd say its around 12-15 note polyphonic... I guess we're spoilt these days... I recall my RD300S was 10 or 16 note poly depending on the sound.

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