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Presonus Studio One version 2!


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I'm stoked to see this update. It's a great DAW.


New features


I'll likely wait until the first maintenance release, but the upgrade price for the pro version ($99) is very reasonable.


I'm interested in whether it can handle the EW PLAY plug-in. My previous attempts were not fruitful.



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Good news!


Yep,- I´ll buy it.


To be more specific:

The upgrade price from Artist to Pro 1 is actually 99.-

From Artist to Pro 2,- it is EUR 280.- here.


So, everyone owning Artist, like me,- should buy the upgrade to Pro version 1 1st and later the upgrade to Pro 2.

Saves 82.-

Also makes worth the time waiting for the 1st maintenance update of Pro 2.



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