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I heard when you hit the page, it takes 2 minutes to load, but once you're on, it's a game changer.



Acoustic/Electric stringed instruments ranging from 4 to 230 strings, hammered, picked, fingered, slapped, and plucked. Analog and Digital Electronic instruments, reeds, and throat/mouth.

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Why is it now necessary to ("&$#^ing)register and log in just to read/view these ,,/.-_.,, forums? WTF?????????

Perhaps they're trying to cut down on the rampant overuse of superfluous punctuation?


kerrching... :rimshot:




Try this - seems to work for me...





some stuff on myspace


Nord: StageEX-88, Electro2-73, Hammond: XK-1, Yamaha: XS7

Korg: M3-73 EXpanded, M50-88, X50, Roland: Juno D, Kurzweil: K2000vp.

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