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Nord electro sound manager


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HI, I just purchased a Nord HP keyboard. I downloaded the latest OS and actually downloaded a new EP sound. I have two basic questions for now:


1. Is there any rhyme or reason how the sounds are organized? For example, if the sound position is: 30.4 and variation 1, is there any relation ship to 30.3? I know that the variations relate to each other I just don't see any organized system for where the sounds are located.


2. When you download a new sound, with the Sound Manager and it puts it in a particular position, how do you know which program bank it is in?




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On my Electro 3, the only organization is that there are two memory areas that are NOT interchangable - one for all the pianos (acoustic & electric), the other for all the synth sounds.


Biggest problem is deciding exactly what to delete in the area to make room for any new patch. I liked the new Silvertop Rhodes sound (used to have a Silvertop in the 80's) - and I liked the Bosendorfer grand and upright - I just had to clear out enough stuff to provide emough memory to fit them in.


By default, the new sound will wind up in the slot where something was removed (assuming there is room to load it, otherwise, it doesn't load at all). After you get it in one place, you can move it to another place - the patches will exchange slots.


I find it either by looking at the computer display of the sound manager on the proper screen, or just go through till the sound shows up.


The whole arrangement does seem rather primitive compared to my PC3, but it does function.


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