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Distressed wood for bodies?


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Hi All! I'm wondering if any one else is into distressed or recycled wood for bodies. I've seen some with cool epoxy fills and other ways to make "damaged" wood look cool. I got flying V plans from Spirit Flute on Amazon, very good plans! I asked Ancienttonewwod.com to get me some cracked up Kauri so I can fill the voids with cool looking stuff in epoxy.

Any one else into this crazyness?

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I learned some very cool tips n tricks from a master wood worker. One of them is to use poly-ester filler with epoxy. It will take the clearity out of the apoxy. But for areas that need to be reinforced befor useing the clear epoxy it si absolutly the best product. Kinda like the fibers to make fiber glass. Only it is a very fine fluffy powder. Find it at pro paint supplies shop. Very cool way to make a 'on of a kind axe' peace!
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