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Fell in my home on Saturday morning. Look straight up from the center of the wrist to see the 3rd metacarpal fracture.


Ouch, and damn. Six week recovery, they tell me. Sessions lost, show lost, out of work for at least a month.


Did I say damn?






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Ouch that sucks.


My 18 year old boy just spiral fractured the 4th metacarpal on his right hand hitting a defensive tackle. They had open it up and put in 2 screws. They could not get the spiral fracture to stay set. He wanted a hard cast on it and finish the season since he snaps left handed but the doctors said no.


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Best wishes for a full recovery...need someone to burn in the Mini???


What compassionate vultures, we are. :laugh:


Hope the recovery time is less than you're expecting.... and I'll be happy to babysit the Voyager while Dan is burning in the Mini. ;)

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Ouch, dude! :cry:


Make sure you follow all the doctor's instructions for healing, and don't rush it. You want to make sure it heals properly, or you're subject to having a problem later in life.



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I said it on FB, but I'll wish you well here, too, Ken.


Ken knows all about doctors! ;)

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Ouch, sorry to hear that - get well soon, and +1 on Frank's suggestion re: LH stride practice. Good time to get that Carolina Shout going.
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Ouch! That looks like a nasty break. Sorry to hear about your accident. Try and keep your spirits up and don't try and rush back to the piano, as that kind of injury just needs time to heal properly!
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