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Best J.B. Solaris audio demo I´ve ever heard

Al Coda

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Wow. I'd like to see more of what that "3 part ModWhl switched Comp" patch is all about. Thanks for posting!


Solaris, up to now isn´t MIDI multi timbral, but you can realize up to four independent sonic timbres within ONE patch and these can be modulated in any way.

It´s the modular character of this synth making this possible.

It has four audio path w/ separate mixers and each path can have is own Oscillator.

Oscillators are VA (several models) and/ or wavetable or sample playback OSCs which read .raw and .wav sample files.

All is combinable w/ several types of filters, envelopes, modifiers and MIDI controllers, key windows and such.

The 4 audio path are vector mixable too, like in a Wavestation synth.

It´s a killer synth.



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Ankyu.....Please stay seated.

I didn't think anyone knew about this synth.

I can say one thing it sounds great using the Digital AES/EBU of the Soniccore XITE-1, but using the Analog outs into my powered Barbettas and 41 Sub rattle the bottles from what the bartenders tell me. But it's a perfect live synth, the best I've ever had, and I started with a CS80 back in '78 when I was a green kid with a lucky gig.


I'll post some more pretty soon, and will show how great the Sample Oscillators are.

Andrew from LASS was kind enough to give me some of the 16 player Violins and it comes back out at 96k mixed with JBowens, Jaws Oscillator or CEM Saws, and even by itself.


I can't describe the pleasure I am having, and the sorrow the poor Receptor Motiff guys are enduring. Most of them have analog synths at home and after hearing Solaris are starting to bring them out of hiding, first was the 8 voice Omega, a bad mofo.

Personally I use an SE-1 w/ Solaris and I don;t need anything else.

I was so tired of dragging my analogs and racks of gear around.

Now it's Solaris a laptop for Kontakt and the XITE-1/SE-1...........plenty of FAT bastards>.............

Magnus C350 and a TV Dinner Tray Stand



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Sorry, I forgot to explain the seperate Oscillator glides and Triple Preset.

The Brass sound plays, but if sustained the " Fly Like An Eagle " LFO Repeat is triggered via long attack on the EG2 ( there's 6 x EG's.)

Then slamming up the Mod Wheel is that third sound that is 2 Waldorf Wavetables with descending CFM's.

So the Sine/Square Bass is 1 track, drums are the second, the third track is the comp ( triple preset ) and the 4th is the Lead stuff.

FWIW Solaris effects are outstanding at 96K too. I am even running a Rhodes sample into the synth to get that Eventide effect I use to love.

The 4 Oscillators each have on/off Oscillator GLide, with adjutable amounts, which is seperate from the Global Porta/Gliss/Fingergliss/Fingerporta stuff. That's what sold me the most. It's hard for me to play a lead with Native Portamento and even most hardware VA synths.

It's an old features from the voice card days.


Magnus C350 and a TV Dinner Tray Stand



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