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This is from our activities director in our little retirement community, I kinda thought it was funny for old codgers to have such an e-mail in their inbox. Of course if I could get some good drugs over there I would sign up in a heartbeat but all you can get is prescriptions drugs over there. roflmao



Have you signed up for the DRUG RUN TO ALGODONES MEXICO? We are going there on November 2nd for $59 per person. YOU MUST HAVE A PASSPORT!!! The bus will park on the US side and you will walk over to Algodones. We will let you shop, eat, buy "Drugs" or prescriptions, and whatever else you want to do for four hours! This is a great deal so get into Activities and sign up ASAP!
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Just to familiarize you with Algodones it is a little town just west of Yuma Arizona and a little south of the Eastern California/Mexican border. You can go there for medical and dental work at 1/5th the cost of that same work just on this side of the border. Many of the snow birds from up north as well as native Arizonans go there for their medications and dental work.
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