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Nord Stage 2 OS update

Mr T, Sweden

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Just a heads-up for all NS2 owners - system version 1.40 is now available. From the Nord website:


The Sound Menu now includes separate settings for the Rotary's horn and rotor speed, and acceleration/retardation time. The new version allows you to store the settings of the Synth Glide, Voice Mode, Unison and Vibrato parameters in the Synth Sound memory.


We've implemented a few things that already have been promised and documented: the Mono feature now works globally on all instruments and when storing a program it's now possible to browse for a suitable location and listen to the program stored there before overwriting anything. The sustain pedal interaction in the Piano Section has gone through a major overhaul, resulting in a much smoother behavior during performances with plenty of pedal action.


In short; there are lots of good stuff in this update and we recommend everyone to get it.


Note: Any Programs saved using OS v1.40 will be incompatible with earlier OS versions. Use the Nord Sound Manager to make a backup copy of all your current programs before updating if there is any chance of you wanting to use an older OS version.


If you look in the download section there's also an updated user manual, with the new functions, available.


Seems mostly like goodies to me, but I kinda think that making the mono mode only global, is a step backwards. A choice to have it either global or per program would be nice - just my two cents. The Leslie params is a nice addition however! :)

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