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Can Mopho Keyboard do "Analog Bliss"?


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he plays the "Analog Bliss" preset starting at around 0:28. He finishes around 1:13 with a low left hand octave. I notice the voice indicator has four lights lit.


Can the Mokey's two oscillators + two sub-oscillators sound like this (realizing only one key can be struck)?




I've got $800 burning a hole in my pocket. Get the Mokey? Or save for the 08 (6-9 months).



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I would think it depends on your wants and needs plus the rest of your gear and how it will fit in with the rest of your kit.


If you want polyphony you are looking at $1600 for a mopho/tetra setup. You can get into a Prophet 08 starting at $1900 and a bigger keyboard.


Keep in mind the the demo used Lexicon effects and there are no on board on the Prophet 08. If you want any grease you are going to need offboard effects. The Lexicon added a lot to the sound of those demos. I got rid of all my effects a quite a while back when I started using on-board effects which got me leaning toward the Evolver.


A Prophet plus an effects unit would probably suit my needs but I think I'm personally stuck on the Evolver.


The Mopho is defintiely cool. I like the layout. I like the entire DSI line.

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I think it definitely could. One oscillator and sub-oscillator on my Juno-60 can totally nail this, and with the keyboard specs Oyarsa mentioned, I don't see why it couldn't. Phase or analog delay for extra substance.

~ Sean

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