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KC Houstonians: Recommendations for Selling Yammie Upright?


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My older brother died recently. I'm in charge of disposing of his house and furnishings. Among them is a ~10-year old Yamaha upright (I believe it's a U1) that he purchased new from the local dealer.

Any recommendations, other than Craigslist, as to how to sell it? I'll be in Houston for a few days in October; would like to take care of it, then. Thanks.

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First of all, sorry for your loss.


I don't have any particular solutions besides what B3-er said. I might be able to give you the names of some tuners/techs if you're interested. We can also discuss what I think of some of the local stores if you wish. PM if you like.

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Sorry about your brother.


I'd start with the local dealer that sold the piano and reaching out to to others that do consignments (as B3-er suggested).


Craigslist would likely be the best route for a private sale, but the problem you'll have is time. Typically quality larger ticket items priced fairly and appropriately can sit for the right buyer to come along. Given that you've got a short window, you can force a quick sale by taking less that its worth (usually helps facilitate a faster sale), but then you're losing money on the deal.


If it were me, I'd try the consignment route, assuming giving 30-40% of the sale price gets you where you want to be, pricewise. This way, you arrange for the piano to be moved to their location and then wait for a check.


Good luck.

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