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Nord C1/C2 Gig Bag- dimensions OK for Wurlitzer 200/200a?


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Hey crew,


From this thread:


Not that it matters in this particular case, but I read on a Danish forum that a Wurlitzer 200(A) fits perfectly into the Nord C1/C2 gigbag. Noteworthy for local transport.


Any owners of the Nord C1/C2 gig bag that can confirm this, or supply dimensions?


Wurlitzer 200a, according to the above referenced thread:

40" Wide - 18 9/16" Deep - 7 1/8" Tall


The C2 itself, according to clavia.se:

966 mm (38.0"), 445 mm (17.5"), 163 mm (6.4") - 0.6-2.0 inches smaller than the 200a in all axes


The AMS-GBC dimensions, according to Sweetwater and nordkeyboards.com (but Sweetwater specifies "Internal" whereas Nord does not):

44" x 22" x 13" - ample for the 200a, maybe even leaving room for the sustain pedal depending on how it ends up.


Since the Wurlitzer is 1-2 inches larger than the C2 itself, and there's not conclusive evidence on the Nord site that 44" x 22" x 13" are definitely the interior dimensions of the GBC, I just want to verify with someone who owns it before I order the thing.


If the accessory pocket scheme in the Nord gig bag is usable for the Wurlitzer's legs, so much the better, but if it's a decent fit for the piano itself I'm probably going to buy it regardless. I just don't gig out with it often enough to justify a custom case, but wrapping it in a blanket isn't really sustainable either...


I left a voicemail with Pablo at AMS and asked him to reply in this thread when he gets it, but I was hoping to get the order placed today if anyone knows. Thanks in advance to anyone who can confirm/deny.

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Good point. I'm not planning on heavy use (maybe 3-4 gigs/sessions each year where I bring the Wurlitzer out), but I will be sure to examine the handle stitching carefully and reinforce or alter my usage method if it seems wise (e.g. carry it on the appliance dolly I use for Leslie transport). I mainly just need a not-excessively-bulky way to protect it from the rest of my gear while in the car.


For any other Wurly noobs who end up doing this, it's worth mentioning here, since the Nord case appears to be able to stand up on one end: I read somewhere recently that Wurlitzers shouldn't be stored (let alone packed in a trailer) up on one end - very hard on the action. That might be bogus (can't recall the source), but after having opened mine up to tweak a couple of dampers, I would tend to believe it.


Unless you really need a lamp stand.



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Sorry brother but it ain't going to work. I've got a C1 and Nord C1 gig bag and let me tell you that it is a very snug fit almost as tight as The Juice's gloves. With the Wurlitzer being about an inch bigger in each dimension, it definitely won't fit.



Love your lamp stand, need to get one for my music room.




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Marsalone, thanks for the feedback. I suspected as much.


I thought that might get you guys riled up! That would have been my reaction too if not for my experiences tracking on that particular Wurlitzer shortly after it came into their possession. I've played on some rough examples of those early models, but if one has ever been beyond all help, it's that guy right there. That particular studio is definitely doing their part for the preservation of vintage keys. I can forgive them that one.


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Hi guys,

I took this thread as an opportunity to get registered here.

I also have a Wurlitzer 200 and I carry it in a Soundwear 29118 gig bag. These are about the best soft cases on the market, but still a little less expensive than the Nord bags.

The main compartment of the 29118 fits the Wurlitzer and the original sustain pedal and e.g. a larger active DI box (although it's recommentable to put those in some sort of bag), whereas the outer compartment fits the original legs and maybe a few cables perfectly. If you have music sheets to carry, there's an extra bag for that, too.

Additionally it comes with wheels a blessing! As I use the same style in different dimensions for my 50lbs-Yamaha CP5, I doubt you'll experience any troubles because of the Wurlitzer's weight.


If somebody is interested, I can take pictures next week.


Hope that helps you guys.




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Octopus, I hate to tell you this but your SK2 is in the Nord Case backwards.. ;-)


That said, I would not recommend the Nord C1/C2 case for anything heavier than the 35 or so pounds, or the weight of an C1/C2 or perhaps an SK2.


I have been through 2 of these NORD cases for my C1 and my C2, and while they are great cases, they're not built for the weight of a vintage electric piano (whether the dimensions seem to work or not). I had to replace my first case, after a wheel broke off as I rolled the case over a curb (I assume it was because it was the middle of winter and the plastic wheel was quite cold from sitting in my car).. My point is that as well built as these cases are they are not indestructible. They would not stand up to a heavy vintage electric piano.


So, I would highly recommend not using (or mis-using) the Nord case.. in this case..



Craig MacDonald

Hammond BV, Franken-B (A100 in a BV cabinet), Leslies 122/147/44W, Crumar Mojo, HX3 module, Korg Kronos, VR-09, Roland GAIA, Burn, Ventilator

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Ok guys, here we go  those pictures should give you an idea. It would be advisable to put the pedal in some sort of padded bag I'm still searching for the right one.

Other than that, I love those bags. Fabric, zippers, padding and all the other parts are of very good quality.





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